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Where over the last 30 year innovation meets customization

Drawing from our extensive experience in building a wide array of switch designs, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers' requirements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to provide proven solutions derived from decades of successful projects.

At Specialty Transformer Components we offer a comprehensive range of component and system solutions designed for repair and retro-fit transformers. From fans and radiators to valves and instrumentation, our products are engineered to enhance the performance and efficiency of your equipment in the field.

Our expertise extends beyond standard offerings. We specialize in repairing or rebuilding switch products, reverse engineering replacement components from existing switches, and even manufacturing custom switches tailored to your exact specifications.

Experience the difference of working with a world-class provider that prioritizes innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Partner with Specialty Transformer Components for unparalleled expertise and tailored solutions that elevate your operations to new heights.


With 30 Years of expertise we pride ourselves on delivery technical solutions

At Specialty Transformer Components, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements and provide proven solutions drawn from our wealth of experience. From de-energized tap changers to motor-operated switches, our comprehensive product range caters to diverse transformer needs.

Our commitment to quality, delivery, and manufacturing excellence is unwavering. With a dedicated management team driving our focus on building trustworthy and long-lasting partnerships, we strive to foster sustainable relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. Join us at Specialty Transformer Components. and experience the difference of working with a world-class provider of transformer components and solutions.
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